Actual Understanding  provides a concise and accessible explanation of the nature of reality while also explaining how to actualize that understanding to create wellness personally, globally, and at every scale in between.

The text is divided into two halves, with the first laying a foundation of understanding which the second half utilizes to provide further understanding in order to actualize our greatest expression of being.

1.Truth, Thoughts, and Feelings7.
2.Consciousness, Awareness, and Divinity8.
3.Creation, Duality, and Evolution9.
4.Human Relationships10.
5.Societal Structures11.


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Free Sample

Chapter 1: Understanding Truth, Thoughts, and Feelings is available for free download and distribution in PDF format.


An audiobook version of Actual Understanding is under consideration. If you would like to purchase an audiobook version, please let us know.

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A 12-week intensive training program based on Actual Understanding is currently under development. Each week can be taken separately.

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About the Author

Erez Ascher
is a philosopher, speaker, business leader, and founder of the Soterian Movement to actualize global wellness.

His second book, The Soterian Guide to Saving the World, applies the explanation provided in Actual Understanding to guide people in actualizing global wellness through directed action via the non-profit Soterian Foundation and for-profit Soterian Consultancy.